1. Java is a popular programming language, but it teaches bad habits and bad OOP. Here are my reasons and opinions.

  2. Typing is an important part of programming. Regular keyboards are oversized and have horrible layouts. These are my thoughts about improvements regarding keyboard layout, keybindings, timings etc.

  3. William Lane Craig often presents the fine-tuning argument: The values of the fundamental constants are fine-tuned, because if they would differ just by a tiny fraction, life would not exist.

  4. A problem graph is a directed, irreflexive graph that is used to model the relationships between problems and their solutions.

    This is a relatively simple example:

    What this graph models is basically that the problem...

  5. A bunch of tips related to web development with ruby. Not all of them are ruby-specific though.

  6. I have used both, and these are my arguments for and against each of them:

  7. Before i start lets establish some terms:

    Our worldview consists of beliefs (“The world is round”) and judgements (“Stealing is bad”).

    Our beliefs are statements about the world:

    • The world is round
    • Gravity exists
    • I am a human being

    The neutral...

  8. I think that many of the performance benchmarks of ruby application servers (AS) give the wrong impression. I will show here why.

  9. Here I explain how i set up monitoring for my rails application using ActiveSupport::Notifications and ElasticSearch.

    The ActiveSupport::Notifications API is very useful for monitoring your rails application. It fires events for every SQL Query as...

  10. Elasticsearch is a modern full-text search-engine with a RESTful interface that is very customizable, easy to use, easy to set up, fast and scalable. Here i show how i set it up in my rails environment.