1. William Lane Craig often presents the fine-tuning argument. The values of the fundamental constants are fine-tuned because if they would differ just by a tiny fraction, life would not exist.

    The argument in detail:

    1. If the fundamental constants...
  2. A problem graph is a directed, irreflexive graph that is used to model the relationships between problems and their solutions.

    This is a relatively simple example:


    What this graph models is basically that the problem Spamming can be prevented by...

  3. A bunch of tips related to web development with ruby. Not all of them are ruby-specific though.

    Productivity: Keyboard

    Disable your caps-lock key and tweak your keyboard activation-delay and key-repeat-delay. I use really low values for the delays...

  4. I have used both, and these are my arguments for and against each of them:


    A good thing about MiniTest is, that it is relatively simple and that it is just plain ruby, so no big amount of magic. Some of the drawbacks are these:

    • you always...
  5. Before i start lets establish some terms:

    Our worldview consists of beliefs (“The world is round”) and judgements (“Stealing is bad”).

    Our beliefs are statements about the world:

    • The world is round
    • Gravity exists
    • I am a human being

    The neutral...

  6. I think that many of the performance benchmarks of ruby application servers (AS) give the wrong impression. I will show here why.

    The performance of the ruby application servers (AS) is usually characterized by requests per second (RPS). But this...

  7. Here I explain how i set up monitoring for my rails application using ActiveSupport::Notifications and ElasticSearch.

    The ActiveSupport::Notifications API is very useful for monitoring your rails application. It fires events for every SQL Query as...

  8. Elasticsearch is a modern full-text search-engine with a RESTful interface that is very customizable, easy to use, easy to set up, fast and scalable. Here i show how i set it up in my rails environment.

    • Powerful query language (nested queries,...